Don't Waste Today's Night.Check For intrusting things .

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 Don't Waste Today's Night.Check For intresting things .

Today's night is full of divine mercy and also it isso important night for the Muslim .It is the night when our prophet Muhammad SAW .went for miraj. It is the night when allah blessed us with nimaz.we all know the importance of this night because it is our chance  to move our attention towards allah tallah and ask him for forgiveness .Allah have told in Quraan Shareef that ask for forgiveness and I will forgive I have a little request to all that remeber our team in you prayers.And especially ask forgiveness because we have a lot of sins and we to be very shameful for our self . Concentrate your mind and ask for forgiveness . because we don't know when and we're we will die today I have uploaded this because I wish everyone of us will get aware of this night it is pois night try to remember the Allah because we don't have anyone who can solve our problems.

May Allah bless you all.