Why Are Schools And Colleges First Casualty In COVID-19 Curbs?

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Why are schools And Colleges first casualty in COVID-19 curbs?

The COVID-19 pandemic has now entered into its third year, and like other sectors which were hit, the education sector in Jammu and Kashmir also faced disruptions and became the worst-hit during this period.

It is the third straight year that educational institutions across  UT  continue to remain closed. The closure of schools does put a  focus on whether the schools faced economic losses or managed to generate revenue.

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Even when we talk about the financial crunch, except for a few elite schools, the story of the majority of the schools is distressing as there are many schools in J&K which are on the verge of closure.Apart from the financial aspect, there is a dire need to talk about the academic losses faced by the students enrolled in both government as well as private educational institutions.Facing academic losses is more worrisome than financial losses because we can hope to manage the financial crises somehow but academic losses are something beyond repair. We cannot compensate for the academic losses faced by the students in the last three years.The schools and other educational institutions in J&K opened in March 2020 after facing six-month closure in 2019. As the schools resumed educational and other extracurricular activities, a lockdown was imposed across the country to contain the spread of the deadly virus. The move completely disrupted the educational scenario again.No doubt the school education department shifted to e-learning mode but being a new thing for both students and teachers, it took its own time to motivate the students and the teachers to adopt the online method of education.But the Valley again witnessed a major spike in COVID-19 cases reported on a daily basis in J&K. As the rise in cases continued, the government issued fresh guidelines on January 9 and directed all schools, colleges, polytechnics, coaching centers and ITIs to adopt online mode of offering education till further orders.