Should Board Exams 2022 Be Cancelled | Check Here

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Should Board Exams 2022 Be Cancelled | Check Here

Board Exams 2022 is another hot topic on the internet these days. Students have taken to social media and are completely divided on the matter. As COVID-19 cases get reported and vaccination rates improve, most boards like Maharashtra BoardBSEBAssam Board etc., have announced offline exams. The question remains that What do students want? Cancellation of exams, Online mode or Postponed but offline? 

Board Exams 2022 for most state boards are unlikely to be cancelled as per the present scenario. Some boards have already released their Date Sheets and made it clear that exams will be held offline, while others like Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, UP Board, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc., are expected to make announcements soon.  

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What Students Want ? | Cancellation Of Exams

Students have now taken to social media and are now expressing their opinions on the conduct of Board Exams 2022. The opinions and demands are divided as some want board exams cancelled, while others are suggesting alternatives.  

Among the alternatives to cancellation, one of them is postponement of board exams and then to be held offline once the situation is conducive. Another is that Term 1 results of board exams like that of CBSE (for the board where curriculum is divided in 2 terms), should be considered for final computation of results. For boards where this term wise policy is not applicable, students are suggesting the ideas of calculation of marks using internal assessments. 

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What Is Expected For Board Exams 

The final resolution to various demands related to Board Exams 2022 is not known yet. While it is likely for many boards to take hints from each other's practices and announce the conduct of exams, experts have also suggested that most board exams will not be cancelled, but held offline.