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How Education System Changed After COVID-19 

After the impact caused by the complete lockdown of educational institutes in 2020.The education sector recovered slightly in 2021. However, the second wave of covid in April-May 2021 had an irreversible effect on many students and families.

The complete shutdown of educational institutions from offering physical sessions was a big dampener in the initial days of the lockdown, in 2020. Institutes and students, however, were able to adapt to online sessions fairly quickly. While physical sessions are ideal, students realised that to make the most of the time at hand, online classes are a decent medium. 

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The watchword that governs the future trend of providing great education to students is flexibility in learning. Transitioning from a traditional to a modern form of education took a long time. Now that this shift has taken hold, students all around the world will benefit from advantages that will not only widen their knowledge base but also pave the way for the lucrative and well-paying jobs they seek. 

2021 changed the course of education across the world, but it has especially been a year of change for online learning. This year proved that blended learning, video classes and upskilling are not just temporary trends but will continue to grow and evolve in the years to come. The online learning industry in India is expected to reach $4 billion by 2025,” Aayur Kaul, Market Head, Skillshare India said. 

As we march in 2022, online education enters into the second year of the pandemic. The covid period has opened up several opportunities for tech talent and with several advancements and innovations coming to the fore; the sector is continuously striving to provide new opportunities for young talent, both in terms of realigned skill sets as well as completely new job roles. Technology is playing a large role in how we’re approaching education .