NEET New Exam Pattern | Latest Update 2021

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NEET 2021 New Exam Pattern

After a lot of time the NTA has changed the exam pattern of NEET-UG exam. Today NTA has announced the new exam pattern for NEET-UG. The NTA has provided internal choice in questions.

NTA Provided Internal Choice In Questions

The NTA has introduced many changes in the exam pattern. In earlier exam pattern, the test comprised of 180 question out of which 45 were from Physics, 45 were from Chemistry and 90 were from Biology. In earlier exam pattern all the questions were compulsory. But now in the new exam pattern for each subject you will get two sections for example for physics you will get Section A and Section B and same for the other subjects. From Section A of all the subjects there will be of  35 questions this means that in physics Section A you will get 35 questions and similarly in chemistry, zoology and botany. All the question in Section A are compulsory. Now moving to Section B , Section B will contain only 15 questions out of which only 10 were compulsory, candidates can attempt to any 10 questions, so the total number of utilization of questions will be same so the time for the paper will also remain same.

Why NTA Changed NEET Exam Pattern

To rationalize the decision of reduction in the syllabus made by the various school education boards, the NTA has taken the decision of changing the exam pattern and introducing the choice based questions to provide choice in Section “B” for each of the 4 (four) subjects.

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