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 Hello There Students,

We All Know That The NEET 2021 Date Has Been Now Officially Released And Only 50 Days Have Been Left For The Examination, So Dear Students To Get Qualified In The NEET 2021 These 50 Days Take A Great Impact On NEET. If A Student Had Not Studied Well In The Past Months But Makes Much Hard Work In These Days Can Reserve His/Her Seat In A Medical College. Many Students Study Much Better In Other Months But They Do Not Study Much Strategically In These 50 Days Can Destroy His Selection. So In This Post Today I Will Share Some Important Points That You Should Kept In Mind For These 50 Days:

"You Can Change Any Negative Situation In Your Life,
And The Way You Do That Is To Change The Way, You Think  About It" 

Last 50 Days Strategy For NEET 2021

First Of All, Eliminate The Stress, Release The Pressure. Don’t Let The Pressure Of The Exam Period Affect Your Performance. Lean On A Practical Approach And Focus On Winning. Here Is A Step To Step Guide That Will Help You Make The Most Out Of This Time.

Important Steps For NEET 2021

  • Map Your Class Notes With NCERT Class Notes P\lay A Very Important Role; As They Are Handwritten, They Tend To Remain In Your Memory. Now Is The Time To Recall And Restore All Your Self-made Notes. Remember, Whichever Topic You Are Revising, Always Pull Out Your Self-made Class Notes For The Ultimate Learning. The Self-made Notes Have The Magic To Bring You In Turn With Even The Most Complex Concept.
While Studying, Keep On Mapping Your Topic And Subtopics From The NCERT And Self-Made Notes. Underline, Highlight. Within One Week, You Will See That You Have Developed A Speed.
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  • Chapter Wise PYQs In The Sequence Of Book Strategy.
Past 20 Years PYQ (Previous Years’ Questions) Are Only Necessary; There Is No Need To Go Further Back In The Date. Do Not Deviate From That; Focus On These Questions Only, Along With The Continuous Mapping. This Way, You Will Start Gaining More Confidence In Basic Topics And Even Complex Topics. Try Converting Your Time Spent In Taking Pressure And Use That Energy To Increase Productivity.
  • AD Revision Plan AD Stands For Alternate Days. It Would Be Best If You Formed A Revision Plan Based On The Alternate Day Strategy. If You Are Revising Physics, Biology (Botany) On Monday, You Should Revise Chemistry And Biology (Zoology), And The Cycle Continues.
Note: You Should Fix The Time For Revision At Two Hours Before Sleeping, And You Must Revise Based On The AD Plan. It Would Be Best If You Planned To Revise What You Had Studied In The Week/Prior Week. Remember, Immediate Revision Gives The Best Result
Reattempt The PYQs As A Part Of The Revision Plan.  This Way, You Will Be Using The 30 Days Very Productively And Effectively. These 30 Days Will Boost And  Align Your Energy Very Immensely.  
All the best!! For Your Upcoming NEET Examination. You Are The Best Just Believe in Yourself.
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